Car Owners

Where drivers save and owners prosper.

Flux Global Club gives owners the opportunity to invest in cars as an asset, perhaps as an alternative to property investment. An opportunity designed for fixed income outcomes and a 100% money back guarantee.

Car Owners

Flux car owners outshine landlords in the current UK market, enjoying superior returns, fixed monthly income, and reduced market volatility. With Flux, owners gain financial stability and flexibility, making it a compelling choice over traditional property investment.

Unlock the full potential of your assets and make your money work harder for you, no matter where you are in the world. Flux Global Club introduces a range of Owner Membership Tariffs designed to provide lucrative returns and optimise your financial benefits.

Experience hassle-free ownership reduced regulatory complexities compared to the challenging UK landlord market, and complete control over your asset.

7 Key Benefits for a Flux Owner

  • 100% car ownership with all documents in your chosen name – V5 registration, Invoice, and Leaseback contract.

  • 100% Invoice amount Money Guarantee.

  • Up to 16%* per annum return on your invoice amount.

  • A prescribed contract with guaranteed outcomes – fixed monthly payment and guaranteed future value.

  • Flux Global Club is your dedicated customer, 100% responsible for your monthly income.

  • The option to engage in a secondary market sale after month 18 with a notice period.

  • All ownership responsibilities are managed by Flux Global Club.

Owners Apply Now

Flux Global Club's Owner Membership Tariffs offer a diverse range of options to cater to your financial goals. Whether you're seeking stability, optimisation, or maximum returns, Flux provides a platform where your assets can flourish.

Enter the world of Sale and Leaseback with Flux, and let your money work harder for you, regardless of your location in the world.

Boost Your Returns: Direct Flux to channel your monthly rentals into a high-interest savings account and amplify your earnings by an additional 4-5%! For instance, a 7% return can effortlessly surge to an impressive 11-12% when Flux directs your rent payments to a high-interest UK bank account.

  • Enjoy a solid 7% annual return on your ownership with Flux, ensuring financial stability.
  • Ideal for cars with a value of up to £19,000 RRP.
  • Elevate your returns with an impressive 8% annual payout, optimising your financial benefits.
  • Suitable for cars with a value of up to £23,000 RRP.
  • Experience the rewards of an impressive 9% annual return, making Ruby ownership a financially wise choice.
  • Applicable to cars with a value of up to £25,000 RRP.
  • Access a lucrative 10% annual return, providing a substantial financial boost.
  • Tailored for cars with a value of up to £29,000 RRP.
  • Elevate your financial gains with an 11% annual return, ensuring a strong financial venture.
  • Suitable for cars with a value of up to £33,000 RRP.
  • Experience a remarkable 12% annual return, assuring a powerful and rewarding financial venture.
  • Designed for cars with a value of up to £40,000 RRP.
  • Maximise your returns with an exceptional 13% annual return, securing a high-yield investment.
  • Tailored for cars with a value of up to £50,000 RRP.

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