Car Drivers

Where drivers save and owners prosper. Get a great car without needing Credit Checks.

Car Drivers

Experience the Future of Driving - Access 2000+ Brand-New Cars with No Credit Checks. Enjoy Worry-Free Maintenance and Savings. Drive Effortlessly and Save Big. T's & C's Apply.

As car ownership expenses skyrocket due to high interest rates, congestion, and the expanding ULEZ zones, Flux Global Club emerges as the smart choice for our diligent Key & Essential workers across the UK.

At Flux Global Club, we’re here to revolutionise the way you drive and secure your financial future.

Our mission is simple: to help drivers save money and car owners make money.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3:


1. Handpick your dream car

2. Apply for Flux Global Club Membership

3. Seal the deal and hit the road

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The Cars

Access to over 30 leading manufacturer cars, with 100 plus models to catch your fancy, from BMW to Suzuki. All the cars are new and just waiting for you.


Comprehensive service and maintenance package, full manufacturer warranty, and unmatched accident management support



No need for a Credit Check !  Key and Essential workers only, aged between 25 and 65. We base the decision on affordability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As long you meet the criteria  you are more than likely to qualify unless we find adverse information such as fraud, financial inadequacy, misrepresentation on the application etc

It depends on the car you have chosen and your flexibility in terms of spec, colour and cost we aim to have you in your car within 2-4 weeks, except where it is a factory order and then it is subject to confirmation.

All cars are on a rolling 89-day contract with auto renew we will discuss your requirements in full when you apply.

Yes you can but do discuss this process with your account manager to clearly understand the process.

Everything including brand new car, road fund licence, service, maintenance, accident management. You need to arrange insurance and pay for the fuel !

To become a Flux car driver, you must be in the range of ages 25 and 65.

Monthly payments are deducted automatically through Direct Debit from your UK bank account or recurring debit card payments.

No, the car should only be driven within the United Kingdom.

Exceeding the mileage limit may incur additional charges. It’s important to discuss your driving needs with your account manager to determine the best solution.